For Professionals

We value the role of professionals and practitioners in supporting individuals and families to promote communication development.  We are able to provide a range of on-site and bespoke training to suit the needs of your organisation.



Specifically designed for key workers of children with special needs or speech, language and communication needs. This can be delivered as a ‘bitesize’ training for small groups of staff or as a bespoke package with individual tailoring to a specific child and key staff member. Bespoke trainees will earn ‘Key Talk Practitioner’ status.

Other Training Packages

  • Adult-Child Interaction
  • Language Development
  • Speech Sound Development
  • Key Word Signing
  • Cued Articulation
  • Autism Support

Bespoke Training Services

We can also offer bespoke training packages tailored to meet the needs of specific client populations or professionals.  Please contact us for a consultation to discuss your specific requirements.

Professionals Surgeries & Resource Provision

We are able to offer drop-in advice sessions for professionals and key workers to provide general advice, tips and resources to support the children that you are working with.   We can provide speech and language resource packs, visual and sensory support packs and resources for language and literacy.


Commission Our Services

The Orchid Practice is committed to providing for the young people we work with as well as supporting the professional staff working with them.  We offer bespoke commissioned services based on your setting’s unique needs and requirements which can be provided in a variety of ways and tailored to suit your setting and the children who need support.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we can give you a bespoke quote for your budget and needs.


We have developed a cloud-based electronic patient record system specifically designed for therapists to keep clinical records efficiently and securely. We use this software with all of our clients, and it ensures collaboration as  parents/carers have a login so they can track their child’s progress in real time.  We also use it with educational settings who commission services for children they identify, and it has made positive impact for everyone involved.