What are the waiting times for treatment?

We are able to offer therapy to families on an ongoing basis without the need for traditional waiting lists and will often be able to begin work before NHS therapy commences or work in collaboration with NHS services to ensure continuity of care.   As soon as you decide to work with us, we will find you the next available appointment so we can get started working with you.  The first step is an assessment which takes place at our therapy rooms, from there, your therapist will make a plan as to what treatment is recommended.  Once this has been agreed, you will be offered therapy that is suited to your child’s needs as soon as possible.

How much will the therapy cost?

The cost of therapy will be determined by the intervention package recommended at the initial assessment.  We aim to keep costs affordable by working in partnership with NHS services and by ensuring therapy goals and recommendations are up to date.

Where will sessions take place?

We are able to provide intervention in a variety of locations including, homes, schools, preschool and nursery settings in order to ensure therapy is carried out in the most effective environment for progress.  We have therapy rooms at our practice in Little Hadham where our initial assessments take place as well as therapy preschool children or after school sessions.  We also offer online therapy where this is appropriate. The best place for your child’e therapy to take place will be agreed once the assessment has taken place. We will always recommend the most clinically appropriate location for your child’s therapy.

Do you take Private Health Insurance?

We are not registered with any private health insurance companies.  We are paid directly by families, school, charities etc.  However, we are able to provide receipts of intervention costs for clients to submit to private health insurance companies for reimbursement and many are willing to reimburse families in this way.  However, it is important to check with your insurer first to determine if this they are able to accepts receipts for reimbursement and what information they require in order to proceed.

What is MyTherapyTracker®?

How would you like to be more involved in your child’s intervention?  MyTherapyTracker is our cloud-based patient record system designed by the Directors of The Orchid Practice, Amy Drew and Marissa Pajot Webb.  With MyTherapyTracker, you can login to access reports and programmes, download resources and view session summaries written by your therapist specifically for you.  Your therapist can also upload photo or video clips of therapy techniques where appropriate, and you have the opportunity to upload photos or video clips of progress at home.  Our clients and families find this unique feature is invaluable to collaborative working and seamless communication within the therapeutic process.