The right environment, the right support, the chance to flourish.

We provide speech and language therapy for children and young people with a wide range of communication difficulties and our holistic approach is fundamental to our intervention.  We offer a range of affordable speech and language services and and bespoke intervention tailored to meet your needs including individual and group therapy as well as training for parents and educational staff across Hertfordshire and Essex. At The Orchid Practice we believe in the value of each individual, and therefore our person-centered approach is fundamental to our practice.  We believe that the right support and the right environment gives individuals the chance to flourish.



“It was great to work in a concentrated way as a team with a professional. Usually, appointments are short and spaced out by months, and the professional does not always treat you as an equal. We made so much progress. I have recommended this therapy already.”


“Amy clearly has an amazing amount of knowledge about speech, language and communication, she is excellent at teaching us those skills. I have really enjoyed this course and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.”


“I want to thank you for the magnificent influence you have had on my daughter’s speech – your enthusiastic and skilled approach has brought out the best in her. Her improved ability to communicate confidently is a parent’s joy and a testament to your professional abilities.”


“We adopted our wonderful son at the age of 4 and he came to us with significant speech and language delay, affecting all areas of his life.  Working with Marissa over several months has improved not only his speech sounds and expressive language, but also his comprehension and confidence.  Marissa’s obvious expertise is carefully and thoughtfully applied, with regard to the limitations in his ability to concentrate for long periods of time.  The  approach to his therapy will be invaluable in long terms improvements though Kyle never seems to feel like he is having something ‘done to’ him; he just has a lot of fun, and between sessions takes pride in demonstrating his progress.”